apparel for badass beauticians

WNDRLND started out as @WonderlandNails__ insta baby where I showcase my weird and wonderful nail art. From there I built an amazing lil community who not only supported every move I made, but supported each other too - my wonderland gang!​!

Now, I'm not your typical *salon* gal who wears fitted tunics and rocks up looking like an Emirates Air Hostess every day - props to those girls though! Oversize hoodies and baseball caps are my uniform - and I know I'm not the only one! So I'm living the absolute dreeeeam creating clothing for all of us in the beauty industry...cos we are all badass AF and should look bomb and feel comfy while we kill our game!!

WNDRLND for me means believing in yourself, manifesting your dreams, empowering each other and being a boss ass bitch in every aspect of your life.  I really hope you all love what I have made - I can't wait to see you all creating magic while wearing my brand!